Antonio Sgroi - Biography


Antonio Sgroi was born in Bazzano in the Italian province of Bologna. Right from a very young age, he developed a natural disposition for drawing and studied Rembrandt's engraving in detail and Rodin for sculpture. His first sculptures were in fact inspired by this French master. He took his diploma at the Art School of Bologna after having frequented the Institute of Art in Modena for a time. In 1987, he received a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna with his thesis on 16th-Century Modenese sculptor Antonio Begarelli. He simultaneously refined his marble and clay workmanship experience in several sculpture workshops in Carrara, Pietrasanta and Faenza. He also frequented ateliers in Rome and Milan, where he studied his interest for chalcography in detail. His engravings are published in specialised magazines: in 1990 in "Grafica d'arte - Rivista di Storia dell'Incisione Antica e Moderna" and in 1992 in "Grafica - Annuario della Grafica in Italia". In 1981, he places 3rd in the "S.Giorgio - M. Cavazzini" national painting competition. In addition to his activity as a sculptor, engraver and stage-design modeller, he has been involved in restoring sculptures. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad since the 90's.
He lives and works in Italy in Savignano sul Panaro (MODENA - Italy) and Carrara - Italy.


1986 Realises a statue of St. Anthony in terracotta (2 m high) for the church of S.Antonio di Savignano sul Panaro, inaugurated by the bishop of Modena Monsignor Santo Quadri.
1991 "J. Barozzi" Gallery in Vignola, presentation by Everardo dalla Noce.
1992 Exhibition at the halls in the Vignola Castle and awarding of the "Ghirlandina" prize by the Rotary Clubs in the province of Modena.
1993 "J. Barozzi" Gallery in Vignola.
1993 Arena of Verona.
1993 II edition of "Rassegna Nazionale del Presepio Città di Sassuolo".
1994 Exhibition "Milano presepi" in Milan.
1994 "J. Barozzi" Gallery in Vignola.
1994 V edition of the "Begarelli Award" in Modena.
1994 International Exhibition "Presepi di Artigianato" in the church of Santa Maria di Saval in Verona.
1995 "Städtische Galerie" in Traunstein, Germany.
1996 "Museum Heimathaus" in Germany.
1996 Exhibition for the convention "Epiphanie 2000" at the Dom Forum of the Cathedral in Cologne, Germany.
1996 Romanesque cloister of the Cathedral of S. Trophine ad Arles de Provence, France.
1997 "Städtisches Museum" in Mindelheim, Germany.
1998 Exhibition at the former "Officina del Fabbro" of the oratory of San Rocco a Fiumalbo (Mo).
1999 Exhibition "Emozioni mitologiche" in Savignano sul Panaro (Mo).
1999 Participates in the "Lukas Preis Award" at the "Städtisches Museum" in Mindelheim, Germany.
1999 Realises the "Teoria del Sacro", a work of art originally destined for the Pantheon in Rome for the 2000 Jubilee
2000 Castiglione di Bologna Gallery - review by Vladimiro Zocca.
2000 Realises a marble monument at the Beato Ferdinando Baccilieri in Bologna, inaugurated by Cardinal G. Biffi.
2000 Arte Fiera - Padua.
2000 "Natus Est", exhibition at the duomo of Verona.
2001 Exhibition "Le ambivalenze del corpo" at Villa Mazzacorati in Bologna, by Vladimiro Zocca.
2001 Punto Arte Gallery in Modena.
2001 Arte Fiera - Forlì.
2002 Exhibition for the "Castiglione Arte" Gallery in Bologna on occasion of the inauguration of the new head offices of Emil Banca inologna (Bo).
2001/2002 Realises a marble fountain in memory of Giovanni Falcone in Savignano s. P. (Mo) (4.50 x 4.50 x 3.00 m).
2002 Exhibition "I maestri ceramisti" at the "International Ceramic Exhibition" in Montelupo Fiorentino.
2002 "Punto Arte" Gallery in Modena.
2002 "Krippenmuseum" in Telgte, Germany.
2002 "Antonio Sgroi scultore", exhibition organised by the City of Vignola at the Cantieri Cantelli in Vignola (Mo).
2003 "Il corpo nell'arte - L'arte del corpo" Municipal Gallery of Castel San Pietro Terme (Bo).
2003 Forum Artis Museum - Montese (Mo).
2003 "Castiglione Arte" Gallery, (Bo).
2003 Exhibition at the convent of S.Francesco Giffoni, (Sa).
2003 Participation in the Memorial Competition - World Trade Center -- New York.
2004 Museum of Contemporary Art "Cà La Ghironda" - by Giorgio Celli, (BO).
2004 Museum Carolino Augusteum - Salzburg, Austria.
2004 Arte Fiera - Padua.
2005 Sandstone sculpture (1. 90 m high) - monument "Omaggio all'aceto balsamico" for upcoming corporate opening - Castelvetro (Mo).
2006 Monumental sculpture in white marble from Carrara to be inaugurated shortly.
2006 Arena of Verona.
2007 AURISCULTURA - Sculpture accompanied by music composed by Anna Maria Federici and Damiano Meacci for the event.
2007 Inaguration of marble monumental installation sculpture dedicated to Antonio Gramsci.
2008 Severi Foundation (Umberto Severi Collection Rangoni Macchiavelli Park, Maranello, Italy )Tribute to Umberto Severi.
2008/2009 Planning for a monumental fountain in marble is in progress.